Lori Tierney

Lori Tierney Foundation – Biking the world and running to provide education and a daily meal for children in rural areas in Kenya.

What inspires me to build and work for this foundation is the African philosophy of Ubuntu – I exist because of we  - or translated in another way we could say – I am what I am because of who we all are. Therefore using my talents for something bigger than myself.  Ubuntu is about having an impact on each other in ways that expands and deepens our understanding of why we are all here on this planet and our responsibility to each other. What can you do to make a difference?

What we could do is give children an education to break the cycle of poverty.

Education is not a way to escape poverty, it is a way of fighting it. Julius Nyerere, former President of the Republic of Tanzania.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela.

 Education is more than luxury; it is a responsibility that society owes to itself. Robin Cook.

About Lori Tierney

Lori Tierney

   Lori Tierney

   (Kingston-upon-Thames ,1952).

   Grew up and educated in England.
   Originally studied Parasitologie and has an MA in philosophy.

She first worked at the Institute for Comparative Medicine in London then at the Radboud University  in Nijmegen and has now been at Regina Coeli, language school in Vught for 40 years, first as a teacher, then as Head of English for 12 years and 10 years as Director of Client relations

She has gained an enormous experience in the world of languages, the business world, business schools and networking. She has travelled extensively through Europe, as the fiqurehead for Regina Coeli in the “outside world” – from European multinationals, Universities to Embassies/Consulates and Brabantse business associations to tell the story of “the Nuns in Vught”  their specific qualities and of course to sell.

After 22 years of being in a leadership position, Lori Tierney decided in 2012 to go back to teaching, a position where she can share her knowledge and experience to help others develop their talents.

Besides this, she now has time to concentrate on her love for philosophy and also her own personal project and foundation ‘Lori Tierney Foundation’. A foundation which supports children in getting an education, children who live in rural areas of Africa. The raising of funds for this foundation is done by running in various events and half marathons another of Lori’s passions.